Online since 2002, Just Nude Celebs (soon to be Just Sexy Celebs) is a gargantuan collection of nude and sexy celebrity scans, vidcaps and video clips. Although there are now over 1.6 million files on the website, extreme care has been taken in arriving at that colossal amount. For a picture or clip to make it onto the site it must contain at least a significant eye-catching quantity of celebrity skin, all files are continually scanned to avoid any additions of duplicates and not a single fake will be found anywhere on the website. You will only find nude and sexy celebrity photos, vidcaps and clips; and with the unending influx of new celebrity nudity throughout each day, if you love beautiful female celebs in the buff I promise you will never experience boredom in the slightest once you are a member of Just Sexy Celebs.

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There are currently 17,401 celebrities, 1,600,205 pictures and 40,579 video clips.

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